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Las Cruces NASA iTech event features technology innovators


Las Cruces Bulletin

On Oct. 7 and 8, the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate held an iTech Cycle II Forum at Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces.

Program Executive Kira Blackwell said NASA iTech is an innovation incubator created to search for and identify cutting-edge technologies being developed to solve problems on Earth.

Local citizens/participants were invited to listen to finalist presentations during the event and help make the final decision by narrowing the finalists down from 10 to three during the event. Focus areas of the cycle include improvements to energy storage density; radiation – protection, mitigation and hardware; power efficient technologies; medical breakthroughs; and xfactor innovations.

Luis Morales with his company H-Trap One was one of the 10 finalists presenting at the event.

Morales said even though NASA does not provide a financial reward to the top companies, what they do offer is more valuable. HTrap One LLC is working on an innovative coating that enables safe, novel and low-cost solutions to protect hydrogen pipeline infrastructure.

“iTech has two applications: space and earth,” Morales said. “We are looking to solve some challenge here and one of the main issues we have is our access to resources. We have a very small company, a start-up, so access to facilities, to labs, to people with resources, can make our vision a reality.”

During the announcement of the three winning companies, Blackwell said it is an accomplishment to make it to the top 10 list at all.

Harry Partridge with NASA’s Ames Research Center announced the three winners:

• OXOS Medical Inc.

based in Atlanta, Ga. Is working on a digital, handheld X-ray and fluoroscopy device that runs on standard power, minimizes radiation exposure and is easy to operate.

• Everix Inc. based in Orlando, Fla. Is working on an ultra-thin, flexible and shatter-free optical filters thermally drawn at scale.

• Alertgy is developing a wearable, continuous blood glucose monitor that provides accurate measurements without invasive probes or sensors.

Elva K. Österreich may be reached at elva@lascrucesbulletin. com.

Luis Morales with H-Trap One LLC, an innovator based in Las Cruces, presents his company to the judges and citizens during the NASA iTech Forum held Oct. 7 and 8 at the Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces. Morales’ business is working on developing novel, low-cost solutions for safe hydrogen storage and transport.


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